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Thursday July 13th

5pm   - Megan Alder & the Woods

7pm   - Ocean Boulevard

9pm - KLM Supergroup 

Friday July 14th

1pm  - Resolectrics

3pm  - Big E & the Stomp

5pm  - Pixie & The Partygrass Boys

7pm - Pete Kartsounes

9pm - Chicken $#!t Gamblers

Saturday July 15th

1pm   - Alicia Viani Band

3pm   - Leadbetter Band

5pm   - Chicken $#!t Gamblers

7pm   - Never Come Down

9pm - Armchair Boogie

11pm - DJPK

Manndala no background.png

   with featured Hosts Chicken S#!t Gamblers

Chicken $#!t Gamblers Mannifest "MicroSummit" 2021 Photo credit: JMann

KLM Supergroup
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